It was going really well until he drunkenly ripped off her shirt. She figured she would’ve taken it off herself and could’ve peeled off the chip discretely. She immediately realized the flaw in her drunken plan as he threw the shirt to the floor and stopped mid-thrust.

“Are you a fucking brown dwarf?”

Karlin instinctively put her hand over the chip. “Does it really matter?”

He lept off of her. “Yes it matters. I don’t want anything to do with people like you.” He paused while zipping his pants. “How misleading. You look so hot.”

Her face flushed with a combination of anger and sexual frustration. “Can’t we just forget who we are for one night?”

Peter looked sympathetic for a moment, but regained his composure. “I’m not taking any chances of knocking you up. I don’t want to end up with a brown dwarf kid to take care of.”

Karlin groaned. “You’re not going to knock me up. Plus there’s no proof that kids just adopt their parents’ types. It’s more complicated than that.”

He put on his hat and shrugged at her. “Bye Karlin.”

Ten seconds later she was alone in the dim motel room, feeling void of emotion but completely aware of the slow pulsation of the chip stuck to her chest, reminding her of her star’s fading pulse.

@2015 Kayla Lewis